On my way to the campus every day, I come across Betty’s Beauty Bazar and Barber Express on John Barrow Road in Little Rock, Arkansas. This business was unaffected by the last recession of the subprime mortgage crisis due to the housing bubble collapse. The parking lot is always full here, and it is difficult to get an appointment. The mostly female African American clientele found money even in hard times to do their nails, eyebrows, and various hairstyles. Betty’s Beauty Bazar withstood everything thrown at it and continued to operate in full steam until Covid-19 hit last spring. In…

Finding water on Mars — The epic human quest for a hunt for life beyond Earth

Feb 18, 2021. It is the latest act in our genetic code — To explore is to be human.

The blue planet is going to the red planet, and we are going to explore it together. To see the images of Perseverance or Persi this week, descending on the surface of Mars in high definition hurtling at a speed of 12,000 miles/hour slowing down in 10 seconds to 200 miles per second to do a safe landing — is a marvelous achievement for humans…

Football brings everybody together

As the nation is trying the forget the traumatic divide of the last few months, the recent Super Bowl championship is indeed helping in a manner of its own. Nothing brings us, folks, together as a good football game! This Monday, right after the 55th Super Bowl, as I waited early morning to get the oil changed for my car at our own Steve Landers Toyota, I witnessed the power of American football to bring us together no matter what our differences.

In these times of Covid, even a mundane oil change has become a different…


Communication professor, former journalist., ecocentric writer, transcendentalist, active saunterer, gardner, aspiring yogi, amateur astronomer, and much more.

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